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Stubborn, single-minded, determined, diplomatic, fearless, tireless, never takes no for an answer, respectful, dynamic, TEAMBUILDER, changemaker.  


Big, vast, difficult to negotiate, largest country in the world by area, 11 time zones, 146.7 million inhabitants, 85 federal regions, 800,000 orphans, Cyrillic alphabet, bitter winters, hot summers, poverty, extreme wealth and red tape on a grand scale.  Most would run and never return but she stayed and led a team who are still there 22 years later, but most importantly, managed major CHANGE, with a huge ripple effect.


Challenge 1: To rebuild the homes and lives of hundreds of children and give them hope for a future.

Challenge 2: Coping with the scale of the success whilst surviving a severe recession.

From her kitchen table to the Kremlin table and beyond Debbie will share her story of what seemed like an insurmountable task. With Debbie’s natural ability to CONNECT with people from entry to executive level, you will find there is something for everyone in her message.  


Debbie is a CHANGEMAKER.  With years of experience in retail, fundraising, as a CEO, a working mother, a charity founder, she will share the lessons she has learned over decades of implementing change and achieving an almost impossible VISION and will work alongside groups and individuals towards delivering their own vision.  She uses her experience to highlight how compassion and empathy change the way we feel and work and how they change the outcome of every situation.

In a world dominated by technology, she will teach your staff the value of HUMAN CONNECTIVITY over electronic relationships.  Real human relationships are what will ultimately make you successful if you are trying to bring people with you to create change.  Debbie’s success is borne from her ability to connect at every level and she will leave your staff with actionable thoughts and key takeaways.  When she finishes, her audience will have actual clear steps to begin SUSTAINABLE change.

Any audience will feel Debbie’s own sense of PURPOSE, PASSION and POSITIVITY for all her projects.  She will explain the benefits of being lucky enough, or maybe brave enough, to do what she feels passionate about and inspire her audience to find a purpose in everything they do.

Debbie’s entrepreneurial personality will advise people to TRUST YOUR INSTINCT, be brave.  She never hears ‘no’.  She will advise and coach people to always listen to their gut.  Her own experience taught her not to listen to others’ limiting opinions and follow your instincts.  She believes that whether you want to be a librarian or an astronaut, follow your dream.  One way or another, the journey will be amazing.  Just take that first step and who knows where it will take you?  

She will always ask her audience ’WHAT IS YOUR ONE THING?’. What is that one thing that we can all do to make our world a kinder and better place?  This can be a TRANSFORMATIVE conversation.  She believes that sometimes just one conversation can change a person’s outlook on everything.

  • Be prepared, be patient.  Sustainable change is a challenge.
  • How to stay motivated through the change process.
  • Find purpose in all you do.
  • Using disappointment and success productively.
  • View mistakes as lessons.
  • Realise that any vision is possible.
  • Don’t underestimate your own power.
  • Don’t let fear stop you.
  • The value of compassion, kindness and respect in every situation.
  • Leaders must leave no room for doubt.  Change needs 100% commitment.
  • What is the one thing you can do today to bring about change?
  • Ignite your spark.
  • Balancing a multi-cultural team.
  • How I painted Russia pink.
  • Balancing a busy business life with a family.
  • Being a woman in a man’s world – her Russian experience.
  • Think Big but Think Better.
  • Never get over focused on the obstacles.
  • Kindness and compassion in our everyday world, the benefits.
  • How to never get that Monday morning feeling.
  • Learning how to teach yourself the ‘Is That So’ Theory.
  • How ‘going the extra mile’ can improve your work and personal outcomes.


"amazing, inspirational, motivating"

Des Duggan, Sales Leader, IBM Technology Support Services

"dynamic, inspirational, gamechanger"

Marian Keyes, Irish novelist and non-fiction writer

"Debbie Deegan proves that magic is real"

Keith Barry, TED Talker, Leading TV Hypnotist, Mentalist and Brain Hacker

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