about me

I am a mother, a daughter, a wife and a dog owner.

I am the founder of two award winning charities – one for orphaned and abandoned children in Russia over 20 years ago, one in Ireland for the past 5 years, for children with severe challenges in their lives, just by virtue of their surroundings.

I have a passion for people, for change.  I am a possibilitarian and love taking on what seem to be insurmountable tasks.  I am one of those people who can see the finish line and do not worry about the challenge of how to get there. 

I love to help people realize how vital it is to find your passion in life.

I am at my happiest talking to groups of people and sharing how we have changed thousands of lives in a very difficult environment and survived the worst recession in years, when, sadly, many went under.

I genuinely believe that we are all far more powerful than we think and I believe our world needs more kindness and compassion.  I believe it needs to be taught by example and from a very early age.  If you add hard work and good planning to that, the results will be guaranteed.

I firmly believe that we have the power to change our world and to change how we think and work for the better, every day of our lives.

"she is our Irish Oprah"

Catrina Sheridan 
Founder, Nafasi & Former Board Member, To Children with Love