Blame Lies Solely on Heads of Church and State


Who were these evil, dysfunctional creatures with starched habits, boiled looking pink skin and no eyelashes who called themselves disciples of God?  Who were these bitches that starved, tortured, beat and shamed young mothers and sold their babies?  If we had witnessed this in Auschwitz, we would be equally shocked, but how did anyone in Tuam, Sean Ross Abbey, Tipperary, Artane or Letterfrack ever think it was right?

They are saying it was societal.  Was it?  Yes, their families were so ashamed, but they were only ashamed because they were being screamed at from the pulpits by men who told the women of Ireland how to live their lives.  Meanwhile, they themselves, were raping, masturbating in confession boxes, ‘cleansing’ women after they gave birth, yes, cleansing them after giving birth.  Imagine.

It cannot be possible that these evil creatures ever believed in the Jesus of their treasured Bibles.  There is no way that these nuns had an ounce of the Jesus we know of in their bodies.

Today, I listened to a beautiful Dublin woman on the radio, talking about her experiences.  She scrubbed their floors, carried their furniture and did their laundry right up until the moment she gave birth.  When the nuns saw a mixed race baby, they looked in horror and said ‘What is that?’, obviously forgetting that their precious Jesus was a brown-skinned Middle Eastern Jew, before they shut her little baby into the rejects room and threw scraps at him and others.  These young girls were taunted while they gave birth to innocent little babies.  What species on earth would do this to their own kind?

They were both young and old, but equally vicious and clearly sexually frustrated.  They beat themselves with straps if they had ‘dirty’ (normal) thoughts about men and sex, so obviously when a young girl arrived at their institution, pregnant, jealousy kicked in and gave way to the viciousness ahead.  Their superiors allowed violence and abuse of these girls and their babies, as did their superior’s own befrocked bosses.

Today, the woman on radio described an 11-year old giving birth to twins after being raped.  No doubt someone said she brought it on herself through promiscuous behaviour.  She watched as they were taken away along with so many others, she, just a child herself.  No therapy, no softness, no kindness.  Abuse and insults were her only medicine.

Many people live a sexless life, but it does not lead to such hatred and violence towards others.  What made these women think this was acceptable by the standards of their Jesus?   Did they blank out pages in the Bible about kindness and forgiveness?  What drove them?  Or does the human become out of control so quickly when they can behave in any manner they choose.

We know that the priests had too much power and still do and we know they were obeyed without question.  We know their mothership, the Vatican, demeaned and abused women publicly and still do to this day, not seeing woman as equal.  We know all of that, but I am trying to figure out what caused their minds to be so vicious.  Maybe their lack of confidence, maybe it was their sexless lives, maybe their jealously, maybe fear, maybe we will never know.

I have told a story before about my beautiful schoolteacher in 1970.  Ethna Malone, a young Irish nun in Australia 70 years ago, found that some of her junior infants were being sexually abused and she told the Bishop.  The Bishop shut her up fast and told her not to dare mention it.  She had no idea that men could do this, or that her adored church could abuse and lie.  She was defrocked, by choice I think, and eventually became our lay teacher in Beaumont Convent.  She adored children, but she told me many stories later of the evils that were covered up every day in her Church, a Church that she no longer believes in, but she still believes in Jesus and God to this day.

My Mammy grew up near the Artane institution.  On Sundays when the little children were marched around their fields, my mother, as a child was told to look away because the children were so evil.  They were 5 and 6 years old. Their priests and Christian Brothers set the tone.  The people had them on ridiculous pedestals.

The church was a huge corrupt cult.  In my opinion, it still is.  Ex-Pope Ratzinger, along with his peers, knew everything and did nothing, which made him as bad as the lowest paedophile priest beneath him.  Did the church draw in evil?  Is it a case that priests do not become paedophiles, but paedophiles became priests?  Is it a case that nuns did not grow up as abusers, but were encouraged into it for reasons known to the Vatican accountants?

I spent a year some time back mentoring a beautiful nun in India and I know some lovely nuns in Ireland, in fact, we had a lovely gentle aunt who was a nun, but nothing explains to me how the women in these institutions could have started life as good people, absolutely nothing.  I am sure there are decent priests but to be honest, if I were in that club, I would run for my life and never look back.  It has nothing in common with the God we know.

These places, back in the day, were never mother and baby homes.  They were religious jails, as the survivors say.  They generated fortunes and the flow of children poured through their doors so long as the local priest shamed every family and each pregnant mother from the pulpit.  Clever, very clever.  An endless supply of ‘merchandise’ was guaranteed so long as these men controlled the pulpits and confession boxes.  “Give us your tramp daughters and we will save those babies”.  They mixed up the word “save” with “sell”.

The Vatican’s silk pockets were filled to the brim with the proceeds of adoptions, so why would they stop?  Is this why they continually vomited bile from their alters?  Keep the flock in fear of God and kept the monies pouring in.  It is all ultimately about greed and money.

I have been involved with a beautiful woman lately from a baby home, Colleen Anderson, as well as another warrior woman, Clodagh Malone.  I listened in detail to Colleen’s story, the violent schizophrenic mother who adopted her in the United States.  She was sent to the USA by the nun, Hildegard, who featured in the film Philomena.  The whole thing is absolutely our Holocaust.  Initially when I heard that word, I thought it was way too strong, but the more I hear it, the more I realise that, sadly, it fits.

I work in the orphanage world myself and, thankfully, we have never come up against this type of abuse.  We work with broken hearts, we are used to cold little hands, dark circles under eyes, that is our norm.  For me, there is nothing sadder than an unloved child, but to take an unloved child and then beat, abuse, starve, even murder them?  If there is a God, then please God, never allow people like these to exist again in our world.  It is up to us to make sure that they do not.  

Apologies are one thing, they are easy to dole out, unless of course you are the Vatican, but we need actions for these people, practical help, housing, medical cards, therapy and kindness at every turn and every time they knock on Tusla’s door and are put on an 18-month waiting list. 

God help the victims and all of us over the next few week, as we are about to be drowned in the tragic details, but I guess it beats being drowned in a septic tank.


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