"Debbie Deegan proves that magic is real"

The most powerful alchemist I have ever met.  In transforming the lives of tens of thousands of orphaned children, Debbie Deegan proves that magic is real.

Keith Barry, TED Talker, Leading TV Hypnotist, Mentalist & Brain Hacker

"Instantly she treats you like she knows you, she has the great gift of familiarity"

Instantly she treats you like she knows you, she has the gift of familiarity.  Then she does her next trick which is to draw you in.  The best saleswoman you could ever get, she doesn’t so much encourage you to buy the cause, she envelops you into it.  Its a hug crossed with a death grip and then you’re in.  She’s not a saint, she’s a force of nature and a force of fierce morality but worldly with it.

Brendan O’Connor, Irish media personality, columnist, comedian

"Debbie Deegan is a woman for whom there are no barriers, no borders, no politics"

In 2015, Missia Charity Foundation invited Debbie Deegan to Vietnam to make a speech at the event of the distribution company Vision International People Group.  On the Millennium stage in Da Nang, Debbie addressed a multinational 9,000 strong audience. Debbie Deegan is a woman for whom there are no barriers, no borders, no politics.  There is a big and kind heart, thanks to which hundreds of human destinies have been saved and continue to be saved.

Maria Buriak, Missia Charity Foundation


I was fortunate to make contact with Debbie as she coached me after a major life event.  What’s wonderful about Debbie’s method is that it is SIMPLY STRAIGHT and HONEST.  It might not be always what you want to hear, but it’s what YOU need when you’re looking for direction in your life.  I visited Debbie several times.  She’s a wonderful lady who I instantly trusted.  I truly believe that, without her, I would not have gotten my life back on track, as life had been very tough for me.  I cannot recommend her more highly.  Debbie continues to support me to keep me on track and to allow me to reach my goals.

John D’Arcy, ING European Financial Services Plc.

"Her passion is tangible when she speaks"

Debbie Deegan is a woman of her word.  The lifesaving and life enhancing work that she began more than twenty years ago bears testimony to this quality.  Her passion is tangible when she speaks.  Debbie is honest, measured, intelligent and she has a way of imparting to an audience the humanity and love that motivate her that has huge impact.  Whether it’s the Kremlin, Ted Talks, a corporate HQ, school or college, you could hear a pin drop when Debbie tells her story.

Mary Kennedy, Irish television personality and writer

"she has changed my life completely"

I can honestly say that I am blessed to have been truly inspired by Debbie Deegan.  Not only have I seen first-hand what Debbie can do, but she has changed my life completely.  Seeing a woman who can reach children’s hearts thousands of miles away, gives me motivation and courage to make life changes.  Debbie has inspired me to work with children and help them, even in the smallest possible way, because no notion is too little to make a difference.  I have learned and will keep these life lessons with me in every decision I make.

Maria Pollard, US Skype Client

"she is our Irish Oprah"

Debbie Deegan is like a lioness – majestic, magnificent, dignified and, most importantly, has dedicated her life to protecting her cubs.  She has and would go to the end of the earth for her cubs which are her family, her extended TCWL family and her friends.  She is our Irish Oprah and we need to get her on air, in power, so more people get to be part of her tribeA wonderful collaborator, a great laugh and a heart of gold.  Having spent a lifetime with the most vulnerable in society as well as the most powerful, Debbie brings great sense and sensibility to everything she does in life and those around her.  Listen, laugh and learn.

Catrina Sheridan, Founder, Nafasi & Former Board Member, To Children with Love

"amazing, inspirational, motivating"

We were very fortunate to have Debbie Deegan speak at an event with a mixed audience of young adults and business professionals.  Despite the different demo graphs of the group, the reaction from everyone there was the same, WOW!  What an amazing person, story and achievements!

The way Debbie tells her story sounds like something anyone would do, however, not everyone would show the inspiration, leadership, dedication and tenacity of Debbie and her team (she makes sure she always mentions her team).  What a success that journey has been with 100s if not 1000s of lives positively impacted by the work of Debbie and her team.  Debbie’s talk inspired many our group to get active in making a positive change, through volunteering, active participation and fundraising.

In a world where leadership is sometimes confused with power or money, Debbie is a shining example of what true positive leadership can achieve.  She is amazing, inspirational, motivating (there are so many more words I could add) and her story is the perfect example of how one person can make a big difference for good in the world.

Des Duggan, Sales Leader, IBM Technology Support Services

"I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough"

Every occasion that I have had the privilege of hearing Debbie Deegan speak has been hugely entertaining, but more importantly, inspirational.  Debbie has a unique ability to impart knowledge and share experiences in a very conversational and engaging style that appeals to & inspires diverse audiences.  Her can-do attitude is infectious and it is humbling to consider the literally thousands of people that this woman has helped in her lifetime.  Thanks to CBRE’s involvement with Debbie’s charity work, our company has had the benefit of hearing Debbie speak on several occasions in a range of different formats, from intimate sessions with a small number of staff, to larger speaking engagements with staff and clients.  For organisations looking for a speaker with the ability to entertain, motivate and encourage an audience, I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough.

Marie Hunt, Executive Director, Head of Research, CBRE Ireland

"her success demonstrates that obstacles in business can be overcome"

Over the past 12 years I have attended numerous large-scale events, which were either organised by Debbie Deegan, or to which she was invited as a keynote speaker.  I have also witnessed much of Debbie’s work first-hand.  Her vast experience in helping to change the lives of hundreds of children, in doing so inspiring the people around her, acts as a solid, authoritative platform for guiding and inspiring others.  Her success demonstrates that obstacles that arise in business (and life) can be overcome with steel will and persistence and proves that there is still a thirst for human compassion in an increasingly cynical world.  Debbie’s style is off-the-cuff, but from the heart.  She tells it as it is.

Gerard MacCarthy, Consultant, Former Head of Enterprise Ireland

"she has a gift of helping people to grow in self-esteem and confidence"

Debbie was invited by the Congregational Leadership Team of the Presentation Sisters to take part in an Appreciative Inquiry to learn about what other organisations do to develop themselves and their people and to organise and support their work on the ground.  The interview of Debbie with one of our sisters provided us with many insights and learnings into what works well in her organisation.  One of the most important points shared by Debbie was that, through her work she has learned the importance of unconditional love and forgiveness of the children at all times.  She has the gift of helping people to grow in self-esteem and confidence.  The passion and commitment Debbie has shown to the children over the years is an inspiration for us and encourages us to work with passion and dedication in our own work with children.

Sr. Julie Watson, Presentation Sisters

"I feel really blessed to have her as a coach"

Debbie Deegan has helped me clarify and realise both personal and professional goals.  

She listens with empathy and her calm instils more belief in my decisions and action plans.  She also can be tough, like a loving parent when needed to keep me on track!  I really feel blessed to have her as a coach.

Annette Loftus, CEO, Aspera Explorations