I offer both personal and business coaching services.


 I can run a group coaching experience or individual engagements with staff covering a range of subjects around growth and support.  You can choose a tailored workshop designed to help your organisation’s needs.  Group workshops can be also be taken as a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session.


I am a down to earth person with a down to earth approach.  There is no judgement and nothing is off limits as we work together to build a new you.  We will go at your pace, within your comfort zone.

After an initial 10-minute telephone conversation, we will decide the best way forward.  The coaching programme takes place over 3 sessions.  We will get to know and trust each other, figure out together what you want and what we need to focus on.  One-to-one coaching sessions last 75 minutes and can take place either in person or online.  We will assess your progress together after 3 sessions and see if any further sessions are required.  Additional 60-minute sessions can be booked weekly or monthly to keep you on track.

I don’t necessarily believe in holding a one-to-one coaching session in an office or room.  I think a beach walk, a beautiful park walk, or similar, helps enormously with chatting and creative ideas, which result in better goal setting.  Office confines can sometimes confine your brain and heart.  Being outdoors with fresh air and nature allows flow and gives the mind space to see the bigger picture.  It’s good to walk and talk!

"simply straight
and honest"

John D’Arcy, ING European Financial Services Plc

"she has changed my life completely"

Maria Pollard, US Skype Client

"I feel really blessed to have her as a coach"

Annette Loftus, CEO, Aspera Explorations

"she has a gift of helping people to grow in self-esteem and confidence"

Sr. Julie WatsonPresentation Sisters