Cultural barriers can be challenging to businesses attempting to expand internationally.  Different languages, beliefs, gestures and even clothing can create obstacles to communication and understanding and, thereby, success.    

Over twenty years working and travelling in Russia, I have met many businesspeople who have asked me for guidance and advice on how to approach the Irish market to expand their business.

As such, I offer Russian businesses who wish to expand to the Irish market a cultural business coaching service, which will help them to communicate and present themselves effectively, whilst accommodating cultural differences to achieve optimal success in their venture.  

On the flip side of the coin, if your company is planning on branching into Russia, with my experience on the ground, I can help you overcome any barriers and offer cultural advice.

I also offer consulting services to entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, new business start-ups and women in business, giving advice, mentorship and the tools to succeed professionally with confidence.

"her success demonstrates that obstacles that arise in business can be overcome"

Gerard MacCarthy, Former Head of Enterprise Ireland in Moscow