DDPK Goes Deeper! 


I started my ‘show’, DDPK, on March 14th, as I wanted to rant on social media about the absolute pathetic leadership of Boris Johnson. 

My son, Mikey, lives in the UK, so I care about what happens there, but only for that reason.  Other than Mikey’s life there, I really have no interest in the arrogance and ignorance.  They can do as they please.  You vote Boris in; you must expect chaos.  And chaos it is.

A bit like Trump, if you vote him in, then take what he doles out.  Normally I do not admire people who whine and are negative, I would rather compliment the good leaders, like Jacinda Adern, for example, rather than slate the bad ones, but I couldn’t help myself.

So DDPK was borne early one morning.  The initials ‘DDPK’ didn’t get much thought, as it is simply Debbie Deegan’s Pink Kitchen. 

I popped up the video, hoping for someone’s sympathy I guess and many commented and texted me.  So, the next day, I was on a roll.  I had another subject to chat about and more people were watching.

I was delighted, as I did not like the initial days of Lockdown.  I felt sluggish, useless, no reason to get out of pjs but this gave me a reason for makeup, real clothes, my hair brushed!  I need to have things to do.  It was like my own little TV show – if you really use your imagination.  I had my own Network, said no one ever, bar Oprah!

So, I introduced guests.  Mary Kennedy was my first score.  She agreed kindly because she is SOOO nice and it took off.  My next guest was an ex-con, he was fantastic, driven, positive, gave advice on overcoming challenges and so I became slightly possessed.

I wanted positive people, lively, warm, inspiring, advice givers.  I am so lucky to have an amazing network of simply beautiful colourful people, so wasn’t hard to find fabulous guests, I was not chasing celebrities.  I wanted ‘normal people’ (no sex scenes!), just positivity and inspiration and I think we achieved that. 

I was awake at night thinking about who would do it, who would be too shy, who had a strong message for us all.  The celebs were on Tubridy, on the News, on CNN, but I wanted ‘normal people’, because we are all in this now, we need to be able to learn from each other, lean on each other.  I cannot lean on Oprah, or Jennifer Anniston or Russell Brand, but I can lean on many in my life and most, not all, joined me on DDPK.

The chats began.  I am not an interviewer, I have zero media training, bar a whole load of management courses, but no training.  I had no idea how to use Zoom, record and post to social media.  I had help from our office girls, Lisa and Jenny, who are both on lockdown and kindly helped.

I absolutely loved it.  Every single second.  But then, I love people, I love people’s stories, I love real chat, not sycophantic drivel.  It started to build slowly, and then the biggest TV show in Russia beamed into my kitchen to interview me about COVID-19 in Ireland and overnight we have 35 million viewers looking at my plates and mugs!

So, the reason I am babbling about this now is because we have now decided to do a Zoom fundraiser and HELLS BELLS Mary McAleese has agreed to be involved.  Mary Kennedy, Brendan O’Connor, Joanna Fortune, Marie Hunt, and Jenny Keane, yikes…it is a whole different level.

We want people to buy tickets.  €25 for one ticket or 5 tickets for €75, for which you get 5 intimate, 40-minute chats, with me asking questions sent in by you whilst interviewing these lovely people.  We are covering mind, body and spirit for the new normal.  I want people to leave with nuggets of advice, a bible of wise words to help them through the next year. 

Mary McAleese will discuss spirituality, amongst other personal views. 

Brendan will give his opinions on the current situation and how it impacts his life. 

Joanna will help with all children’s issues, as well as coping with the stress and anxiety surrounding COVID-19.  

Jenny will talk about sexuality and intimacy during these strange times and discuss her recent article in the Sunday Independent on female orgasm, the shame factor attached to sex and the taboo of sex in Ireland.

Marie will discuss property predictions and her life as a Mommy and one of the leading businesswomen in Ireland, overcoming hurdles and staying sane. 

It is going to be fabulous!  I will be in my kitchen (having a mini meltdown!) and will be zooming into their kitchens.  Mary Kennedy and I will have a chat with Ireland’s former President, Mary McAleese.  Did I really just type that?

I cannot believe the line-up we have.  There will be unbelievably valuable advice given and I really do think it will be a fab 5 -night event.  We are encouraging questions in advance, so ask anything and I will put them to our guests on your behalf.  I really want everyone to feel better after listening to us all during this time and hope people leave Zoom with a ‘toolkit’ for going forward.

The funds will go to our Charity and we will sponsor a COVID-19 project here at home.  We are looking at donating to two nursing homes for trips in the Autumn. 

I cannot believe that I started something in my kitchen that has now involved an ex-President, celebrities and millions of viewers, albeit all on one night!

Thank you all who have listened, watched my bad hair days, joined my sunrise walks, sent so many messages and joined in the fun.  I have absolutely loved every minute of it.  This curious COVID time for me was and still is special because of you all. 

I am very aware of the pain, the deaths, the tragedy, in fact, I started the day that I wrote this with a dear friend on the bull wall and, as the sun rose, we threw flowers into the sea and had a shot of Russian vodka to celebrate her Mam’s journey to her heaven.  Later that day, I watched my first COVID-style funeral, my lovely friend was in the church with 9 others… a startling sight, but still a lovely service.  Her Mam was not affected by COVID, but her funeral certainly was.  This is something that Irish people will reel from for a long time.

Well I did stay in as asked and DDPK was how I got through it.  I guess we all did different things, but I do hope DDPK brought a little bit of joy to your days.  It surely did for me. 

Our world is full of magnificent people.  I do believe we can turn the ship in the storm, there are enough of us.  Now DDPK has five big fish to zoom into your homes, very big fish for us, yikes, the butterflies!

Please support the idea if you can… we really love it.  We hope it will help everyone, including our little charity.


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